Kyra Melinda is a British-Greek fashion and beauty photographer. 

​She picked up her first disposable camera at the age of 8 and has never stopped capturing the world through her lens. Photography has run in her family for years, dating back to her great grandfather who was a photographer in the late 1800s in Brighton, England. Her grandfather and father were also skilled amateur photographers.

​Kyra Melinda studied at the British Academy of Photography in London, where she was mentored by International award winning fashion and wedding photographer Emma-Jane Lewis.  

Her photographic style is elegant and romantic yet strong and modern. She is inspired by unusual surroundings, personal stories and emotive imagery.

She has had four exhibitions, two in Greece, one in the United Kingdom and her latest one in 2020 was online. Her work has been published in fashion magazines such as SELIN, INTRA, THE FEATURE MAG, SURREAL, POZA, ROIDX, OFF TOWN, SWANKY and VIGOUR.

Her fashion/portrait work, People of Brighton, started out as a personal project out of love for her hometown and its beautiful and interesting people. Her lens captures the essence of diversity of this lively city.

She is known for her profound love for cats and the sea. She is an all year round outdoor swimmer. She resides between Greece and the United Kingdom.